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Los nominados a los premios BAFTA 2024 han sido revelados, con la película “Oppenheimer” de Christopher Nolan liderando con 13 nominaciones en total. La épica película de época está nominada a Mejor Película, Mejor Director, Mejor Guión Adaptado, Mejor Actor Protagónico para Cillian Murphy, Mejor Actriz de Reparto para Emily Blunt y Mejor Actor de Reparto para Robert Downey Jr., además de varias categorías técnicas. La 77ª entrega de los premios BAFTA tendrá lugar el domingo 18 de febrero en el Royal Festival Hall de Londres. David Tennant es el anfitrión de la ceremonia.

“The Batman,” starring Robert Pattinson, topped box office charts in its debut weekend and led the week with a more-than-respectable $66 million, despite industry concerns about a lack of 3D sales and a lower-than-expected turnout from younger fans, given dismal ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and an apparent ambivalence by audiences over Pattinson’s iteration of the iconic DC Comics character.

The superhero film played at 4,417 theaters worldwide and out-performed expectations in domestic markets, but stiff competition from other movies, including the romantic flick “Dog” and animated feature “Lightyear,” dragged down overall sales, dampening what should have been a phenomenal opening for “The Batman” and raising questions about its sustainability at the top of the box office in the coming weeks.

Nevertheless, while it’s too early to tell if The Batman can maintain its early momentum, rumors have surfaced of a sequel already in development to capitalize on the brand’s buoyant 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and public approval of Pattinson’s dark, brooding performance.

Leading up to the release, fan excitement for The Rock’s big screen debut in the DC cinematic universe reached a fever pitch, buoyed by one of Patzer’s richest characterizations in years and strong early word of mouth reviews from critics, but it remains to be seen if these indicators will be enough to sustain the film’s success beyond its first week.

Heavily influenced by director Matt Reeves’ love of film noir, The Batman cements its place in cinema history as a dark, gritty thriller that eschews the traditional bombast of previous Batman films, turning the Caped Crusader into a tormented, brooding detective locked in a world of moral uncertainty and untamed vengeance, the question now being will audiences continue to embrace a Batman with this level of restraint, or will they turn away in favor of the more bombastic, cartoonish renditions of the past?

Conversely, the collaboration between Disney and Pixar has paid off big, as “Lightyear” scored $17 million its opening weekend and captured a significant portion of the cherished family demographic thanks to its universally-glowing reviews and nostalgic appeal. It remains to be seen how these movies will continue to perform as they enter their second week in a critical moment for the theater industry, as it seeks to recover from the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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